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    In May 2016, the company invested 360 million yuan in the Medicated Valley of the Gaoqing Yellow River Delta in Zibo, Shandong Province to establish a new high-end specialty APIs and intermediate production base --- Shandong Lixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The factory will be fully put into operation in mid-2018. By then, the production capacity and high-end industrial chain of the company will be greatly improved.

    The production base is located in Shandong Zibo Gaoqing Economic Development Zone Health Industrial Park, covering more than 150 acres, with construction area of 30,000 square meters in the first phase.The construction of the factory will follow the concept of Quality by Design, in accordance with the US FDA, the EU CEP and China GMP standards.

    The manufacture projects include dozens of APIs and their corresponding intermediates, most manufacture processes are independently researched and developed by Lixin Pharm with independent intellectual property right. Those APIs and their corresponding intermediates obtained 24 invention patents, including optimization of process route, application of new separation technology, chiral synthesis technology, clean production technology, waste disposal and recycling economy technology, biotransformation technology, new equipment and automatic control technology, instrument detection and quality control technology, Crushing and nanotechnology and new crystal technology etc. In addition, we believe in technology, execution, pragmatism and deploitation are continuing improving our environmental green lighting products and services for our customers. Meanwhile, the investment to environmental protection facilities has exceeded 20 million yuan, reflecting the company’s responsibility for environment protection.

    After full operation, the annual output value of Shandong Lixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will expect to be more than 1.2 billion yuan.

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